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Packed with a full set of features to take your video marketing game to the next level.  With OptimizePlayer, you have everything you need to easily host your videos and grow your business with our video marketing tools and analytics.

Conversion Tracking

Track the ROI for each of your videos with conversion tracking so that you know which videos are helping to grow your business.

Video SEO

SEO-friendly video embeds without any extra work on your end. All of your videos are crawlable and indexable for Google.


Command your viewers full attention by pausing the video when it is not in view and playing it again when it is.


Don't annoy users by asking them to fill out forms or fill out surveys they have already completed. SmartCTA allows you to only show call-to-actions to users that have not seen them yet. 


Allow users to resume where they left off at. 

Video Thumbnails

Increase video play rates with custom thumbnails that engage viewers to click play.

Viewer History Tracking

Detailed newsfeed for each of your viewers so you can easily see the last time they watched a video, all the videos they have watched over a lifetime allowing you to make better marketing decisions.

Easy Organization with Tags

Easily organize your videos by tagging them and searching for them later.

Customize your player

Customize every aspect of your player to match your company's brand and website to include colors, controls, logo, thumbnail, and share icons.

Collaborate Easily

Collaborate with your team members and clients easily. 

Hybrid Hosting

While we do offer the best in class video hosting with blazing fast playback for your viewers you can also choose to leverage the marketing features of OptimizePlayer but use Amazon s3 or YouTube for the hosting.

Collect Feedback

Survey your viewers directly inside your video.

Filter Out IPs

Exclude internal traffic from your reports to get a more accurate look.

No Ads or Related Videos

Your videos are played with no ads and related videos to distract your viewers.

UTM Analytics

UTM Analytics are so powerful and insightful. UTM parameters are automatically tracked anywhere there is an OptimizePlayer embed allowing you to make even better marketing decisions.

Video Retargeting

Retarget users that have watched 30% of your video and then show them an ad to come back and watch the rest.

Social Sharing

Share your videos directly inside facebook and twitter.  Videos playback directly inside these social networks.

No Tech Team Needed

No tech needed to encode, upload, or embed videos to your site.  Get started in under 30 seconds.  It's that easy.

Available On Your Domain

Upload your logo and customize the OptimizePlayer hosted URL with your own.  ie. videos.mybrand.com

Export Embed Codes

Increase productivity of your team or VA by providing them all the embed codes needed to update content all at once.  No need to copy and paste one by one.


Video playlists are a great way to organize several videos on a certain topic into a single embed. They are great for displaying related videos for your viewers.

Trusted By Over 1000 Awesome Businesses

From leading SaaS companies to the internet's leading content creators, thousands trust OptimizePlayer to reliably host their videos.

Yoga Home Workouts

This platform is amazing.  It has really changed the way I use video and it is so simple.

Learn WordPress

Wow! Wow! Wow! Did I say wow? lol Its so easy to manage and market the videos for my members area and sales website.

Data Punch

Simplicity, analytics, and true engagement with my viewers.  Impressive!

Dacci Box

I love the analytics and how quick it was to add video to my website.
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