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Video Analytics

How effective is your video content? With our analytics you can see which videos your viewers are watching, for how long, where they skip, where they rewatch and engage.

Real-time Video heatmaps

Find out where and when each of your viewers is dropping off, engaging, skipping, or completely watching your videos in real-time so that you can make better marketing decisions regarding the effectiveness of your video content. If your videos is only averaging a 10% completion rate that is a good sign that the content is not resonating with the audience.

CTA Analytics

Full call-to-action metrics are provided for each video allowing you to make decisions on stats such as conversion rates, click through, and survey responses. All of this data can be filtered and exported.

Viewer Analytics

Get to your know your viewers. OptimizePlayer tracks and identifies viewers of your videos,  and makes it easy to understand who they are, where they are from, and the content they are interested in. Send this data to your analytics and CRM platforms to score leads, follow-up or even re-engage.

Identify and track viewers of your videos

Detailed information about each viewer of your videos. Sync this data with your CRM to score and re-engage them if they haven't watched any videos in quite some time.

Profile feed

Find out which videos really resonate with a particular viewer, view call-to-actions they have completed and where they viewed your content.

Customize displayed data with filters

personalize the users feed to get activity for the last 30 days.
More to love about reports
Filter reports to include and exclude fields to give you more relevant data
Stay In The Know Daily
Each day a stats summary is sent to your email to give you a basic view of your account
Export Data
Any of your data can be exported into a .csv format 
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Yoga Home Workouts

This platform is amazing.  It has really changed the way I use video and it is so simple.

Learn WordPress

Wow! Wow! Wow! Did I say wow? lol Its so easy to manage and market the videos for my members area and sales website.

Data Punch

Simplicity, analytics, and true engagement with my viewers.  Impressive!

Dacci Box

I love the analytics and how quick it was to add video to my website.
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