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Say HELLO to your blazingly fast, 
fully customizable, and ad free HTML5 video player
It Just Works

Blazing fast playback of all of your videos on all devices without the technical headache.

No Tech Team Needed

No need to worry about Codecs, HTML5, Flash, servers, CDNS, Encoding and all that other techno mumbo jumbo. It's all covered with no setup on your end.


Limit the websites your videos can be embedded onto.

Plays Everywhere

Videos playback flawlessly and blazingly fast whether on a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Fully Customizable

Each control can be hidden or shown?  Don't wan't timeline or full screen controls to show? Remove them


Keep your brand top of mind by customizing the colors and uploading a logo

Social Sharing

Your videos can be easily shared on the most popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and more.

Closed Captions

Add closed captioning support to any of your videos easily increasing accessibility and visibility to a large demographic of viewers.

Playback Speed

Allow your viewers to increase productivity while viewing your video content by speeding up or slowing down your videos.

No Ads

Ads or competitor related videos are never shown on or at the end of your videos.

Fast Playback

We are constantly putting resources into the latest CDN and caching technologies to make sure the playback experience for your viewers isn't just fast but blazing fast.

Buffering Who?

I think we can all agree buffering is annoying.  With a combination of playback quality, our top tier CDNS, and advanced caching we work hard to make buffering a thing of the past.


Keep your brand top of mind by customizing the colors and uploading a logo


Allow viewers to skip to specific and relevant places on your timeline instantly.

Complete control over where your videos are hosted
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Interactive Timeline

Display important call to actions when and where you want directly inside of your video or outside of it turning your video viewers into leads, sales, followers, and advocates.

Trusted By Over 1000 Awesome Businesses

From leading SaaS companies to the internet's leading content creators, thousands trust OptimizePlayer to reliably host their videos.

Yoga Home Workouts

This platform is amazing.  It has really changed the way I use video and it is so simple.

Learn WordPress

Wow! Wow! Wow! Did I say wow? lol Its so easy to manage and market the videos for my members area and sales website.

Data Punch

Simplicity, analytics, and true engagement with my viewers.  Impressive!

Dacci Box

I love the analytics and how quick it was to add video to my website.
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