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Video Meets Marketing Automation

Market smarter not harder with our marketing automation features. Send video data directly into your favorite marketing automation softwares.

Call To Action Automations

Trigger actions inside of your marketing automation software based on the call-to-actions that have been completed in your videos.

Video Marketing Automation

Trigger events, add tags, remove tags inside of your marketing automation softwares based on how much of the video a viewer has watched.

Membership Automation

Sell your course, service or product directly inside of your videos and automatically add them to your membership areas instantly.

Conversion Automation

Retarget viewers that have watch a certain percentage of your videos and remarket to them using some of the biggest platforms like Facebook and Google.

Automation Blueprints

We have put together a list of use cases you could implement in your own business.


Help new users understand how to use your products or services by using video in your on boarding process
Upload 3 to 4 short videos to OptimizePlayer > Embed these videos into your softwares home screen or modal> Setup and Automation rule to mark customers that  watch the videos as onboarded > Follow UP with the next step

Follow Up

Follow up with prospects appropriately based on how much of the video content has been watched
Watches Demo Video (Track how much of a video your users is watching by creating a automation rule) > Send Event to Marketing Automation Software > Automatic Followup based on event (did user watch 10% of video? Yes  send follow A No Send follow up B

Sell Course

Sell and DELIVER your video course in under 10 mins
Upload Content (Upload your videos to OptimizePlayer) > Add Payment CTA (Add the  payment CTA to your course) > Tell your audience about the course  > Set Delivery Automation (When a user purchase your course you can have them automatically added to your membership software) > Segment Customers (tag customers in your marketing software tag: Facebook course buyer)


Followup with with cold, warm, and hot traffic across different platforms to convert them into leads, buyers and fans.

Watched 30% Explainer Video   > Fire Retargeting Pixel (create an automation that fires after 30% has been watched).  > Retarget (Create Retargeting campaigns across several platforms. Create An add based on your goals to remind the user to come back and watch your sales video) >  Convert ( Users is back on your site and signs up for a trial)


Survey your audience for better insights into their interests,  what content they want you to create in the future and what they want to buy from you.

OptimizePlayer Survey (Send an survey to subscribers asking them what kind of video content they want. Survey your list and add a survey to your video asking user what your next topic should be about)  > tag/segment the users in your marketing automation software based on responses (Tag the Viewers based on response.  Once they reply to the survey setup an trigger to tag the user with interests inside of your marketing automation software automatically)  tag: email marketing tag: video marketing tag: facebook marketing tag: content marketing > Follow up with the right email appropriately  (send future emails to the appropriate segments based on their previous response.  Now that you know what your viewer is interested send each of the segments targeted emails)


Designed to work with the tools you already love!

No Ads or Related Videos

Your content with no pesky 

distractions deterring your message.

Real-time Video heatmaps

Find out where and when each of your viewers is dropping off, engaging, skipping, and completely watching your videos in real-time so that you can make better marketing decisions regarding the effectiveness of your message.

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From leading SaaS companies to the internet's leading content creators, thousands trust OptimizePlayer to reliably host their videos.

Yoga Home Workouts

This platform is amazing.  It has really changed the way I use video and it is so simple.

Learn WordPress

Wow! Wow! Wow! Did I say wow? lol Its so easy to manage and market the videos for my members area and sales website.

Data Punch

Simplicity, analytics, and true engagement with my viewers.  Impressive!

Dacci Box

I love the analytics and how quick it was to add video to my website.
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